Mike Nichols

Amazon Prime has a few older episodes of PBS’s American Masters documentary series. The one on Mike Nichols from 2015 is based on a long interview he did with Julian Schlossberg. This exchange struck me:

Nichols: “The shock of the University of Chicago, immediately. I mean, lining up to register, I talked to this very attractive girl, and we got very friendly. It was a very long line, and we had a very long time, and it was Susan Sontag. And we became extremely good friends. And I saw – ‘Oh, look. There are lots of people as weird as me. Who knew?’”

Hassilev: “I was one of them. I wouldn’t say ‘misfits.’ I would say that we had unique ways of looking at the world, and what drew us together was a kind of desire to be with others who were a little strange.”

Nichols: “People who listened to music and talked about music, smartasses, people who read stuff and wanted to talk about what they’d read afterwards. This was all vastly more important than the courses.”