Alongside Buckminster Fuller’s Universe I’ve been reading the selected short stories of Philip K. Dick. He’s one of my favorite science fiction authors. I read many of his novels in college. There is also a good biography, Divine Invasions: A Life of Philip K. Dick.

I don’t read much fiction any more. The last was a couple of years ago – a novel a friend recommended to me, Doris Lessing’s Shikasta. Before that it had been several years. When I was young I read almost nothing but fiction. Reality is more interesting to me now that I know more about it.

Still, in light of the events of this year and the last decade, stories like “Foster, You’re Dead!” are a propos. They’re also the perfect foil to Fuller’s idealism.

Philip K. Dick and Buckminster Fuller died around the same time, 1982 and 1983, respectively. They each lived as much in the future as they did in the present, and while aspects of both futures have come true, the version we’re experiencing is much closer to the one Philip K. Dick saw.