I’ve been listening to the radio often recently, in the mornings while I’m getting ready and in the evenings before bed.

The Albany area has an amazing classical music station, WMHT. I listen to that at home, and put it on while driving my daughter to school. Mozart at 9 AM, Bach’s Lunch, the “Serenade” program Saturdays at 10 PM.

Siena College also has a station I like, WVCR, which has the usual eclectic mix of programs you’d expect on college radio.

Yesterday my father-in-law told me about Radio Garden, a site that shows radio stations on a global map and allows you to listen to their live streams. It shows WMHT nearby, in Troy, along with some other stations in Albany I’ll have to try.

Coincidentally, one of my work projects last year involved knowledge representation for dynamic spectrum policy. I had to learn about some of the mechanics of the wireless spectrum and dive into the FCC’s Universal Licensing System database, logs of amateur radio spots, and aircraft tracking messages. Students and I developed visualizations of transmitters and transmissions in time and space, using tools like Radio is a fascinating domain.