ThingsWorth is a personal project I’ve been working on sporadically for the last two years. It’s a way to describe the things you believe are worthwhile: worth learning, worth experiencing, worth sharing. What are those things? How do you learn them? Why should you?

ThingsWorth started as a personal history project, recording thoughts and ideas about the things I feel are worth learning in the time we have. The things can be concrete or abstract, serious or irreverent, as long as they are worthwhile. We often get caught up in the ephemera of our lives – what’s on TV, what people said on social media, what we need to get at the store – and lose sight of what we truly consider important. Describing these things is a way of reminding ourselves as well as recording our ideas for posterity.

As I wrote them down I realized that the descriptions of “things” followed the familiar pattern of the five W’s: what, who, where, when, why. This pattern lent itself to a more thorough, organized approach that appealed to my engineering side, and allowed me to focus on the content rather than the form.