MuseWeb 2021

The MuseWeb 2021 conference was earlier this month. I’ve been catching up on the proceedings, and found a few interesting papers:

  • “Building LinkedOpenData Web applications from the outside in—lessons learned from building the Getty’s Research Collections Viewer”
  • “Getting Your Data to Your Users: A Nerdy Deep Dive into APIs, ETLs, and Aggregated Databases”
  • “Towards a new concept for online museums: storytelling, behavior, and content”

(I had high hopes for “When Digital Becomes the Object: Developing Computing Histories in Museums”, but was disappointed.)

It’s encouraging to see museums embracing technology and approaches to technology that are closer to the state of the art in the IT industry: APIs, Linked Open Data, heterogeneous systems. I’d love to see more of the IT industry-academia-GLAM collaborations that happen in Europe. (The Sampo projects in Finland and the Europeana umbrella project come to mind.)