Dive Into Schema.org

Schema.org types are well-documented on schema.org itself, and there are plenty of basic examples of good markup there and in tutorials across the web.

Studying advanced examples of structured data “in the wild” is more challenging. I developed Dive Into Schema.org to fill the gap between start-from-zero tutorials and the weeds of raw RDF. There is a need for unbiased information, presented well.

I’ve needed a reference like Dive Into Schema.org in several of my own projects, such as Paradicms. Before I use a property or type I want to understand the nuances of how other people are using them. I don’t want to guess at semantics. The official documentation is a great starting point, but it’s not the whole story.

Dive Into Schema.org is built using Next.js static site generation and hosted on GitHub Pages. The site incorporates extracts and metadata from the Web Data Commons corpus and rankings from The Majestic Million.